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How to Contact Us If you need to get in touch with us we have a dedicated Customer Service team that will be delighted to help and are available Monday to Friday 8am-6pm (excluding Bank Holidays), Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. You can contact us either by email at or by phoning 020 3538 5532.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "My printer is not recognizing the cartridge what should I do?"
Remove the cartridge and switch off your printer. Take a damp clean cloth and carefully wipe the copper contact plate on the cartridge. Leave the printer to stand for a couple of minute whilst you make sure that the copper plate on the cartridge is completely dry. Once dry you can switch the printer back on and replace the cartridge. We then recommend that you run the print head cleaning program in order to clean the heads and push the ink back through. You may need to run the print head cleaning program three or four times.

Question: "My printer will not print what should I do?"
If the printer is not recognizing the cartridges please follow the steps above. If the cartridges are recognized then you need only run the print head cleaning process. You may need to do this a few times.

Question: "I am having trouble with login and passwords what should I do?"
The website will only remember customers who have chosen to register with us, even if you have shopped with us before. Therefore if you have not registered before you will not be able to log in. You can of course place an order without registering and you don't need to log in to place an order. When you register you can assign a password to your email address which means that the system will recognize you as a returning customer next time you come back and try to log in.

If you don't want to register just fill in the section 'Customer / Non-registered' when you have added the items you wish to purchase to your basket and go to checkout. If you do want to register you can either do so by selecting 'Register' on the home page or wait until you proceed to checkout.

Question: "I received an email to say my goods have been sent but I have not received them what should I do?"
We send all of our deliveries by first class Royal Mail or courier so they should arrive within 2 - 7 days from our Swiss Warehouse. It may be that your package was too large to fit through your letter box in which case the person delivering your package should have left you a card to notify you that they called and what has been done with your package. In most instances your package will have been returned to your local Royal Mail sorting office. You can either telephone them to arrange another delivery time or you can arrange to collect the parcel from the sorting office. Please check that your sorting office does not have the parcel before contacting our customer service team.

Question: "I have received my goods but I am not sure if I have been sent the correct cartridges what should I do?"
Some cartridges fit a wide range of printers consequently it is not always possible to list on the packaging all of the printers that the cartridge fits. If your printer is not listed then the easiest way to check is to go back to the website and find your printer model. Then look for the cartridges you ordered. There will be a link to more details, if you click this you will find a list of the printers that are compatible with the cartridge and this should include those that are listed on the packaging. If you are still in doubt please email

If we have mistakenly sent you the wrong product then we will of course exchange them.

Question: "How do I know that I have been charged correctly?"
The price displayed on the website is the price you will pay for your goods including any applicable taxes and delivery. When we send you your goods we will include an invoice which will itemise charges, taxes and delivery if applicable.

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